Dev Log: Boboman - Day 1

Recently, I’ve been heavily configuring my text editor, Neovim, which means that I’ve been writing a lot of Lua. I do find it enjoyable, even without having any tooling initially, so I wanted to give game development and Love2D a try. I just finished Sheepolution’s How to LÖVE book on Love2D, and felt prepared to make my first game from scratch. As per Jherzey’s request, I’m creating a Bomberman clone.

I tried looking for libraries that might be useful at first, such as the ones used in Commando Kibbles. I wanted to set up an Entity-Component system and all those other fancy game dev stuff I’ve been hearing about. However, I realized that I should only use the ones that I don’t feel like re-writing. After all, the prerequisite to writing good code is writing bad code. In the end, Boboman seems like a fitting title, because I do feel dumb writing this game.

Anyway, here’s what it looks like now. You can walk around, place bombs, and those bombs explode after a set amount of time, leaving a trail of explosion. The explosions don’t go past the walls.

Boboman Day 1 demo

Charles Ancheta

Software Engineer

By Charles Ancheta, 2022-07-03

tags: dev-log love lua