Dev Log: Boboman - Day 2


Apparently my collision logic for the bombs weren’t going to hold up. Every time a bomb explodes, there is a small time window where you can place a bomb and the bomb would not recognize the player, making it a “not new” bomb. Because of that, the player gets pushed off right away and could end up in the weirdest of places.

After hours of debugging I couldn’t really solve it because of how the collision library orders the entity updates. I didn’t feel like giving up for today, though, and making no progress. I simply created a deployment script to deploy the game to GitHub pages and fixed the player update logic so it at least doesn’t end up outside of the map. Still a pretty good day even if I didn’t make as much progress as I wanted.

Charles Ancheta

Software Engineer

By Charles Ancheta, 2022-07-04

tags: dev-log love lua gh-pages