Dev Log: Boboman - Day 3

Feeling good today. I got to fix the collision bug that was happening yesterday. It actually had to do with the collision lifecycle, so to make the player detectable, I decoupled the check from the lifecycle of the bomb. Because of this, I could revert the player’s bomb timer to normal. Moving away from a project and letting your brain sit on a problem for a while really does wonders.

I also created an enemy entity based off the player asset and make that and the box entities destructible by explosions. I thought I lost my commit progress on it after mashing a few keys on lazygit, but I got it back after a git reflog and git cherry-pick combo.

Overall, I’m making pretty good progress, and shaping the game more by adding stuff to the TODO.

Charles Ancheta

Software Engineer

By Charles Ancheta, 2022-07-05

tags: dev-log love lua