TIL: My actual height

Today I learned what my actual height was (at least at the time of writing). For a few years now I’ve always kind of just stuck with 170 cm because that’s what was in my driver’s license when I got it 5 years ago (I really need to pass the road test this year). I’m not even sure if that was right at the time.

So, I took a couple of IKEA measuring tapes (courtesy of Jherzey), put them together on a post in our basement, got a square ruler (triangular? (*sigh*… eskwala)) and measured my height.

A square measuring my height at 173 cm

So I guess I grew 3 cm in those 5 years? I still haven’t caught up to my dad’s peak height (176 cm), but he’s a bit shorter now that he’s older, so it’s okay. My hair can add at least 2 inches 😂.

Charles Ancheta

Software Engineer

By Charles Ancheta, 2022-05-29

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