Why I Migrated to Hugo

Aside from the fact that Hugo is Blazingly Fast™, I had a few problems with Docusaurus/the whole JS ecosystem that made it hard for me to keep updating my website.

I had no need for React in this website

There were only a few components that needed JavaScript, and now that I re-built the website with Hugo, there was only one that actually needed to be dynamic (i.e. post comments section, which was a single script tag in Hugo compared to an entire source file in React).

I was basically compiling my Markdown files to JSX, then compiling it to HTML instead of going directly to HTML. This made me unsatisfied with my build times considering I was not using much Docusaurus' features.

I liked writing code too much that I never wrote actual content

Around the end of August, I discovered ReScript. This was a breath of fresh air, coming from TypeScript fatigue. Naturally, I was tempted to convert all my TypeScript projects to ReScript (even my work ones, thank my co-worker for stopping me).

My website wasn’t saved from this, though. It was fun for a while, playing around with its type system. Then I realized I spent more time inside the src directory instead of blog. I was basically just playing around with the code, not even changing the appearance or structure of the pages.

While I still use ReScript for my actual projects, my website doesn’t need it.

Simply less JavaScript

My content is purely markdown, my structure is purely HTML, my styling is stolen1. No code necessary2. The only JS that I request now is from Cloudflare (email protection and analytics) and utteranc.es (post comments using GitHub account). In conclusion, I’m just de-bloating my website, and I’m trying to move away from writing more code. The world surely is a better place with me exercising restraint.

  1. I really just love this style↩︎

  2. aside from the little Go script that I use to auto-generate more content, but this is just one instance ↩︎

Charles Ancheta

Software Engineer

By Charles Ancheta, 2022-11-29

tags: website hugo blazingly fast js go rescript